Basically, there are three types of positions at the poker table: early position, middle position, and late position. Below you can find more details about these positions.

Table positions are one of the most underestimated things when it comes to playing poker. And as it turns out, one of the most important. It is the order in which players sit around the poker table. Positions in poker may have a great impact on your wins and losses. It is good to be aware of the fact that certain positions in poker will determine your profits in poker sessions. Even more important is the position relative to the dealer’s position.

Early positions

Early positions are called shortly EP. Basically, early position players are the ones who have to act first preflop and just after the blinds postflop. The main disadvantage is that the first player does not know what to expect from the players behind him. The probability of being beaten by a stronger hand rises with every player left to act behind you. In early positions, it is recommended to play only the best, strongest cards because there is really no information from other players at that point. When the table is full (9max), there are two early positions. In Texas hold ’em, they’re called Under The Gun (UTG) and UTG+1.

Middle positions

Middle positions are called shortly MP. Being in the middle position you can see the plays of the players in the early positions and the blinds, Still, you can’t see the players behind you. So the situation is better than in the earlier positions, but you have to remain cautious because you have stronger seats ahead of you and they will have position on you should they choose to play the hand.

Middle positions are Middle position (MP), Lojack (LJ), Hijack (HJ). From the HJ you may get more profits than from previous positions. In MP and LJ you play similarly in both. Sometimes you can play some more hands, it depends on the players who will act after you and whether they are tight (you can play more) or loose (you should tighten up).

Late positions

The best position at the poker table is the dealer and the player at his right. Late positions are Cutoff (CO) and Button (BTN).

These positions give you quite a lot of information about the situation at the poker table. You know how most of the players decided to play their cards. This knowledge gives you choice whether to call, bet, raise or fold.

This position is also called a betting position because as long as no one has bet in a certain round, you may win just by simply betting.

Button – the best, the strongest seat which gives you a chance to play a huge range of hands.

The second best position is Cutoff – sometimes, when the Button does not play the hand – The Cutoff position gives you the position in the hand.


Blinds are the seats which are said to be the worst seats in the whole poker game. Usually, players make a loss there. It is not hard to make a loss when you play first. You never know what other players are going to do and they know everything about your move as soon as you do it.

Small Blind (SB) – This is the worst seat in a game of poker. Players sitting left from the BTN (Button) (that is the best seat in the poker game) are forced to make a bet without seeing their cards first. The Small Blind needs to put in half of the big blind so if the stakes are $1/$2, the SB puts in $1 blind before the cards are dealt.

Big Blind (BB) is a little bit better, this player has one move before him, that he can see before making his bet. Still, this is not a profitable seat. Having to front up money before you can see your hand makes you lose almost every time. The Big Blind needs to put in the minimal bet (big blind) so if the stakes are $1/$2, the BB puts in $2 blind before the cards are dealt.

So what is the best position in poker?

As mentioned before information is the thing that is the most important in Texas Hold’em and that is why being in position (which means being the last person to act in the hand) gives you a tremendous advantage because you have more information about the hand than other players have (you know what action they took).

Late positions are thus more profitable and let you play more hands – simply because you know what players before you did.

As soon as you start paying attention to your position, you will start making more profits from your game. In poker position is KING.