03 Jan

How to Eat Healthy

Well, you are what you eat, so you wanna make sure you eat the right things.

In this episode we’ll talk about eating a healthy diet.

Diet is the most important thing when it comes to being healthy and it doesn’t really matter whether you wanna do a famous diet or simply create your own based on the foods you are already eating.

What matters is 3 things:

  • that you get the right macronutriens balance
  • that your diet provides your body with all the vitamins you need
  • and that you are avoiding the things that are bad for you.

Check the video out and let me know what you think:

13 Nov

Ars Independent Festival 2017 in 60 seconds

So I had the privilege to take part in Ars Independent Festival as a volunteer and I managed to get a few shots of this wonderful event.

Ars Independent Festival is a multimedia festival of film, animation, video games and music videos, you can read about it here: http://arsindependent.pl/en/

How do you like it?

13 Oct

Post Marathon Thoughts

So I ran the marathon and it was amazing.

In this vlog I share with you all my thoughts on running a marathon without too much training.

I was going to train for 18-weeks but due to injuries I only managed to train for 8 weeks and prior to the actual race I did not train for whole 6 weeks, so one could say I actually run it without preparation.

14 Jul

Goku Vlog #5 – 72 Hour Fast – My Experience with Fasting

72 Hour Fast has gained a lot of popularity recently thanks to Tim Ferris and his lovely podcasts and the book called Tools of Titans, which I totally recommend!

In this episode I talk about my experience with fasting for 3 days, which I’ve done now for the second time.

3 day fast or 72 hour fast is claimed to have lots of health benefits, some of them have been scientifically proven, some are just speculations at this time.

But the science is promising and we’ll hopefully know a lot more about fasting in the upcoming years.

Make sure to always consult with your doctor first, if you want to try fasting, because it could simply be dangerous for you.

07 Jul

Goku Vlog #4 – Marathon Training – Week 3

Marathon Training – Week 3

The Marathon Training has to be put on hold, because I’ve encountered a small problem with my knee…

I have to let it heal now, before I can resume the training.

I wish I had some Senzu Beans…

Instead I’m gonna fast for 3 days and use a lot of ice on my knee.