Why it’s better to start practicing poker online?

First and foremost you can play more than 1 table at a time and thus many more hands per hour, than in a live game. When you play live you are lucky if you are seeing 30 hands per hour, online you get at least 60 hands per hour per every table you play on.

So you can get that valuable experience much faster. Even 50 times faster, if you’re playing 25 tables at once, but obviously it’s not something I recommend for begginners. Also when you play online poker, you can use tracking software to help you make better calls.

As soon as you learn the fundamentals from this course, you should start applying them and as you practice, you’ll get experience, and the more experience you get, the better your game will be. Playing the fundamentals will allow you to beat any recreational player, but in order to beat regular players, you will need more of a solid game, which you will develop with experience.

Get “cheap” practice

So don’t wait until you’re finished with the course, but as soon you are through a couple of the lessons, go ahead, take advantage of your knowledge and start playing immediately.

Do keep in mind to start with the lowest stakes available, and do not try playing any higher until you’ve played at least a thousand hands and made profit. Move up the stakes slowly. Always keep in mind bankroll managment principles.

Here are some of my favourite online poker rooms, which I recommend. With them you can start your poker training in just a few clicks! I’ll try to list what’s special about each. I hope you have fun playing!

PokerStarsĀ – useĀ code psp22426
Biggest PokerRoom in the World Wide variety of games Excellent tournament series
888 Poker – use code 1320830
Small stakes full of fish Good tournament selection Satellites to live events
Great rakeback VIP program Excellent seasonal tournament series Plenty of fish on low stakes