Types of Players in Poker

Congratulations! You have just finished the fourth lesson.

Good job!

Now lets recap:

  • when you observe the players you play with, you pay attention to 2 factors:
  • how many hands they play, or how loose or tight they are?
  • how they play their hands, do they play aggressively or passively?
  • this allows you to put your opponents into 4 playing styles:
  • tight aggressive
  • loose aggressive
  • tight passive
  • loose passive
  • when you do that, you can adjust to your opponent’s playing style
  • and after seeing the video you know a few tips how to do that
  • with experience you’ll learn more on how to adjust to specific players
  • just remember that it is only a simplification, these 4 playing styles
  • it will help you a lot at micro stakes, but as the games get tougher, your opponents’ styles will become more liquid, and you’ll have to rely more on your history with a certain player

Mission #4

Play at least 300 hands of play money cash games and pay particular attention to your opponents and try to determine what types of players they are.
Experiment with adjusting your game to the type of a player you’re up against.