Do you want to EASILY WIN money when playing Pot Limit Omaha with recreational players?

Are you a BEGINNER player with little or no previous experience with Omaha?

If so, this course was created specifically for you.

It is tailor-made for someone who has little or no experience with PLO and wants to learn the fundamentals, the most basic principles that allow you to win money when playing with casual (no strategy, just fun) players.

The lessons are quick and well prepared so they will teach you those basic concepts really well and if you combine that with practice, you will become a player that can crush recreational players with ease in no time.

You will learn:

  • How Omaha is played
  • How to calculate the max pot bet
  • How to have an excellent hand selection
  • What positions there are and how positions affect the play
  • What are the most common player types and how to adjust to them
  • What are the most common spots in PLO and how to play them
  • How to play post-flop
  • The Short Stack strategy
  • The Big Stack strategy
  • When and how to bet
  • How to get better at the game

As a bonus and in case you haven’t played any variant of poker before I am also including 4 bonus videos which will teach you:

  • The hand rankings so what beats what, how we compare hands, what are kickers, etc.
  • What is Expected Value (EV) and why it’s a super important aspect of poker, other games, and also life
  • What are Pot Odds, how to calculate them, and why they’re very useful to make better decisions
  • How to set-up Poker Tracker 4, which is a poker tracking software that helps you track your progress, analyze your hands, and see real-time stats on the other players when playing online

I’m also including a .pdf with the hand rankings and glossary of poker terms to help you understand the poker lingo 😊

What is more

I have also created a No-Limit Texas Hold’em course which is called “From Zero to Poker Hero”. The production quality there might not be as sublime as in this course, but the content is pure gold, and if you’re looking to learn the fundamentals of Hold’em and crush casual players at that game as well, I really recommend that course! You can get it on my gumroad. Enjoy!