Positions on the Poker Table

Congratulations! You have just finished the third lesson.

Good job!

Now lets recap:

  • there are 3 kinds of positions on the poker table
  • there are early positions
  • which are the blinds and the under the gun
  • there are middle positions
  • which we just call MPs
  • and there are late positions
  • which should be your favourite positions
  • the Cut-Off-1 or the Hijack
  • the Cut-Off
  • and the best position the Button
  • the later your position is, the more hands you should play
  • you should always try to play hands in position
  • always be aware of the positions on the poker table

Mission #3

Play at least 200 hands of play money cash games and pay particular attention to positions at your table.
Experiment with playing few hands from early positions and as your positions gets better, play more hands.