Poker Bankroll Management – How Never to Go Broke

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Now lets recap:

      • your bankroll is the amount of money you dedicate solely for playing poker
      • bankroll management allows you continue on playing when you encounter a bad luck streak – a downswing
      • your bankroll management can be more conservative or more risky
      • that is up to you, but if you want to be serious about playing poker, you need to follow strict bankroll management rules
      • for micro stakes you don’t need a conservative bankroll management, because the skill level is so low, you shouldn’t experience too much of a variance
      • but as you move up the stakes, you will need to follow good BM rules and they should be tailor made for your risk profile

Create your own bankroll management rules for whatever games and formats you’re playing.
Have clear rules when you are going to move up the stakes and when you are going to move down.
Play poker!