Live Poker vs Online Poker

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Now lets recap:

      • live poker is different than online poker
      • the play is quite slow, you see about 40 hands per hour
      • whilst online you can play more than 1000 hands per hour, if you’re multi-tabling
      • best thing about playing poker live is interacting with the other players
      • you can spot physical tells and become great at reading people
      • live games are also much easier, especially at the lowest stakes
      • the skill ceiling in online games is approximately 10x higher
      • so a live game of 1$/2$ will have about the same skill level as an online game of 0.10$/0.25$
      • live poker is fun!

If you’ve gotten this far, it’s safe to assume you’ve gone through all the lessons in this course. That’s AWESOME! You are now a winning player at micro stakes games for sure!

Please let me know how you liked this course and what results it brought to your game in the comments. I would love to hear your thoughts!