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The lessons will be uploaded to our YouTube channel Goku Poker.

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Lesson#1 : How to play No Limit Texas Hold’em

Lesson#2 : Poker Hand Rankings

Lesson#3 : Positions on the Poker Table

Lesson#4 : Types of Players in Poker

Lesson#5 : Starting Hands in Texas Hold’em

Lesson#6 : Bet Sizing

Lesson#7 : Pot Odds

Lesson#8 : How to play on the Flop

Lesson#9 : Continuation Bet

Lesson#10 : Expected Value and Hand Ranges

Lesson#11 : 3-Bet

Lesson#12 : Check-Raise

Lesson#13 : How to play on the Turn

Lesson#14 : Bluffing

Lesson#15 : Steal and Resteal

Lesson#16 : Implied Odds

Lesson#17 : How to play on the River

Lesson#18 : Your image at the table

Lesson#19 : Body language at the table

Lesson#20 : Bankroll Managment

Lesson#21 : How to play live poker