How to Steal and Resteal – Tournament Texas Hold’em

Congratulations! You have just finished the 15th lesson.

Good job!

Now lets recap:

      • Steal is a very important tournament play
      • It’s when you raise with a junk hand only to try and pick up the blinds and antes
      • You should only use the steal from late positions and the later the position, the higher chance of success
      • You should not steal from loose aggressive players, as they will fight back too often
      • Your ideal opponents to steal from are tight passive players
      • If you have a loose image, your steals will meet much more of a resistance, than if you have a tight image
      • Good counter play to the Steal is the Resteal
      • Resteal is when you 3-bet a late open, which you suspect to be a steal attempt
      • Again you should only do it from late positions and the blinds
      • You want to have some sort of conviction that it’s very likely that the specific player is trying to steal, which means you need to have some history with that player, know how he plays and so on.

at least 500 hands of real money cash games at full ring tables of the lowest possible stakes($0.01/$0.02). It’s time to add to the base hands. Do it gradually, and start with late positions and then middle positions. All the broadway cards, especially when suited and suited connectors. From early positions continue on with the base hands.
Experiment with micro stakes tournaments. Who knows? You might enjoy them better than cash games. It’s fairly easy to transition from cash games to tournaments, whilst it’s hard to transition from tournaments to cash games. So by all means try out playing tournaments!