How to Play on the River – Texas Hold’em

Congratulations! You have just finished the 17th lesson.

Good job!

Now lets recap:

      • The River is the most important street in no limit texas hold’em
      • Mistakes made on the River will cost you the most, so you want to make sure you don’t make them often
      • We’ve talked about some of the scenarios you find yourself in the most often
      • When you have a very strong hand, you’re only worried about extracting the most value
      • You’re gonna be betting most of the time, but sometimes you might go for a check-raise, or overbet the pot
      • When you have a quite strong hand or a marginal hand, it’s not so straightforward.
      • You have to take all the information you have available to you into account and figure out the best course of action
      • Be bold with your decisions, if making a stone cold bluff or a hero call makes sense to you, you should do it
      • This is the only way you’re gonna learn and get a feel for it

at least 500 hands of real money cash games at full ring tables of the lowest possible stakes($0.01/$0.02). It’s time to add to the base hands. Do it gradually, and start with late positions and then middle positions. All the broadway cards, especially when suited and suited connectors. From early positions continue on with the base hands.
Experiment with your decisions on the River. Try to get creative especially with marginal hands and draws which you missed. After all you’re playing the lowest stakes possible in order to learn. You are bound to make mistakes as you’re learning, so at least they won’t cost you much. And the experience you’ll gain will be priceless!