How to play No Limit Texas Hold’em

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Now lets recap:

  • Small Blind and Big Blind are the only positions that have to put bets in before recieving cards and they are the positions right after the Dealer Button
  • if the stake of the game is 1$/2$ the Small Blind puts in 1$ and the Big Blind puts in 2$
  • the action then begins with the next person after the Big Blind and moves clockwise
  • every player may call the big blind, raise the pot or fold their cards
  • preflop betting round ends with the Big Blind or if there was a raise it ends with the last player to act before the player who raised the pot
  • 3 community cards come on the Flop and the betting round starts with the Small Blind
  • community cards are the cards on the board which players use together with their hole cards to form their poker hand
  • on the Flop again players may check(if the pot has been raised-call), bet(raise) or fold.
  • then another community card comes on the Turn and we have the same betting round
  • then the last community card comes on the River and we have the last betting round
  • then we have the showdown and the remaining players show their hands and compare them in order to decide who wins the pot
  • a hand can also end before the showdown, if there is only one player remaining and everyone else has folded. That player then wins the hand and all the chips in the pot

Mission #1

Create an account at whichever online poker room you prefer and play at least 100 hands of play money cash games.