How to 3-Bet as a Bluff and For Value in Holdem

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Now lets recap:

      • 3-bet is a vital tool that you need to utilise in your game
      • you can either 3-bet for value or as a semi bluff
      • 3-betting as a bluff is called light 3-betting
      • your 3-betting value range should look like this:
      • AA, KK, QQ, JJ, TT, AKs, AKo, AQs
      • the weaker your opponent is, the more hands you can add to your value range
      • when you’re playing against thinking players, you need to balance your 3-betting range
      • so that they can’t be sure whether your 3-bet means you’re strong or not
      • good hands to light 3-bet are suited connectors
      • if you’re a beginning player, you should start with light 3-betting once per every 4 or 5 value 3-bets
      • then as you get more experienced you can add more light 3-bets until you find the sweet spot

at least 500 hands of real money cash games at full ring tables of the lowest possible stakes($0.01/$0.02) and continue on playing the base hands. Utilise your newly acquired tool which is a 3-bet and start off with only 3-betting for value.
Experiment with trying to find best spots for light 3-bets and get comfortable doing that. Just remember to stick to only making one light 3-bet every four or five value 3-bets at the beggining.