Get poker coaching!

If you are interested in speeding up your progress and getting to a high level of competence in poker faster, I’m also offering poker coaching.

The way it works best is that we schedule a quick call during which we discuss the goals you want to achieve with your poker and these can be broad (just teach me to play poker man) or specific (I want to crush a home game where a girl I like is playing).

Once I understand what it is you’d like to achieve with my help, I propose a plan to make it happen. This involves you spending time at the tables playing poker and off the tables discussing your game with me as well as me analyzing your game on my own and finding your most undesired leaks.

  • The Basic Plan is 5 hours which costs $250 and includes 3 one-hour sessions one-on-one via skype and 2 hours of leak-finding in the database of your hands.
  • The Intermediate Plan is 11 hours for $500 and it includes 6 one-hour sessions one-on-one via skype and 4 hours of leak-finding + an extra hour you can dedicate to either of these.
  • The Pro Plan is 20 hours for $1500 and you get to decide how to allocate the hours, but at least 6 hours need to be allocated to leak-finding in the database of your hands.

Keep in mind you need to have an online poker account and enough free time to be able to practice the game for at least an hour every day.

If you’re interested, please fill out the form below and I will contact you.