Continuation Bet in Poker – How To C-BET

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Now lets recap:

      • continuation bet is a standard play nowadays
      • it’s a bet you make on the flop when you’ve raised preflop, missed the flop and are first to act or the action is checked to you
      • ideally you should make your c-bets about 50% of the pot
      • you know that you shouldn’t often make continuation bet when there are 2 or more players in the hand
      • it’s best to c-bet heads-up
      • making a continuation bet, when you have missed completely makes way more sense than doing it when you’ve hit a weak draw
      • you should remember that it’s important not to c-bet 100% of the time, you always want to have some checking range on the flop
      • it’s a good idea to sometimes mix up your sizing when c-betting, so that it’s impossible to tell whether you are c-betting as a bluff or as a value bet
      • delayed c-bet is when the action is checked around on the flop and you decide to make a c-bet on the turn

at least 500 hands of real money cash games at full ring tables of the lowest possible stakes($0.01/$0.02) and continue on playing the base hands. Pay particular attention to continuation bets. Observe how your opponents are using it and try to utilise it in your play as well.
Experiment with using the delayed c-bet. It’s a great play and you should learn to recognise good spots for it.