Body Language in Poker – 13 Most Common Poker Tells

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Now lets recap:

      • it’s crucial to pay attention to your opponents when you’re playing live poker
      • it allows you to establish their routine behaviour
      • it also allows you to spot tells
      • a tell is usually a small and brief unconcious movement, that gives you some information about the strength of your opponent’s hand
      • when players divert from their routine behaviour, it gives you tells
      • you’ve just learned 13 most common poker tells
      • make sure to watch this video a couple of times to really memorise these
      • when you know what to look for, you have a much better chance of spotting it

Go play some live poker at your local casino.
Pay attention to other players and their behaviour.
Study their body language and look for tells.
Focus on reading players first and playing the game second.