Hi! My name is Mateusz

Hi! My name is Mateusz and I’ve played over 3 million hands of No Limit Texas Hold’em which is the Cadillac of poker.

Most of those hands came from online 1 table sit and go tournaments, but I’ve also played a fair bit of full ring cash games, as well as multi table tournaments mostly low and mid stakes.

I started playing poker by depositing $13 into an online poker room, which I lost within like 5 minutes of playing, but then I read a little bit about the basics, deposited another $13 and never had to invest any more money into poker again.

I’ve actually lived off of poker for a while, but then it got banned in my country and now I pretty much only play poker when I travel and it’s mostly live poker tournaments.

I love the game and I think it teaches you a lot of crucial skills that are very useful in life like risk management, money management, stress management, the ability to read people and be more aware of yourself as well as of course the ability to do quick calculations and estimations.

I created the “From Zero to Poker Hero” poker course to make it as simple as possible to quickly master the fundamentals of No Limit Texas Hold’em, the ABC of poker and be able to start practicing online at the micro stakes and be a winning player there straight away.

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